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My first golf experiences were caddying for my father at the Yass Golf Club. At 10 years of age I obtained my first handicap and golf quickly became my passion, when I wasn't at school I was at the golf course. Before leaving school I was able to improve my game to a scatch level. I was selected in the 1989 Australian Schools Team and later qualified for the 1990 Australian Open Championships. By this time I had developed a strong desire to become a Golf Professional.


After several years of playing state and national amateur tournaments I started my Australian Professional Golfers Association traineeship at the Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club in Canberra. Graduating in 2000 with a diploma in Business Management and a level 3 Accreditation in Professional Coaching. I finished in the top 10 national playing averages for all three years of my traineship, finished runner-up in the 2000 Australian Trainee Championships and was successful in earning a tour card for 2001 PGA Tour of Australasia.




My strong desire to improve as a player has led me to do a great deal of research on effective golf techniques and effective approaches to playing the game. I have been fortunate to gain valuable first-hand experience from some of Australia's finest coaches, Alex Mercer, Gary Edwin, Peter Knight, Laurie Montague and Ross Herbert to name a few.


Once my focus changed from playing to coaching my research and experiences have concerntrated on how to best assist a player in developing their own game. I regularly attended the Australian PGA Coaching Summits and have achieved an "Advanced coaching classification" with the Australian PGA.


My idea of what makes a good golf coach has been greatly influenced by Mike Hebron and Pia Nilsson (Vision 54).


Mike Hebron is a clubhead based and person based coach. His focus is on how the clubhead needs to move through impact to create the desired ball flight and how to assist the player in developing their own unique feel for the clubhead. Pia Nilsson's coaching focuses on the mental aspects of the game and developing the whole person. The golf swing is just one element of the game.   


I believe there is no one "right" way to play great golf, everybody is different! The challenge is to identify how you play your best golf. I can help you with that!

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