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Practice is a key element to improvement. Unfortunately many players commit time and effort into improving their games but find progress slow and frustrating.

From what I have observed:

  1. All golfers want to get better – but aren’t quite sure how to do it…

  2. We tend to practice the wrong way

  3. Our practice sessions don’t mimic the real thing – lacking variety, pressure and purpose

Beginner Golfers -

My suggestion for beginner golfers is truly understand the commitment, perseverance and time required to make significant improvement. In this phase of learning, repetition is key but don’t be afraid to give new things a go.

Start from close to the hole and work back from there. Learning short game skills can help more than just your score. Improving chipping, pitching and putting can be very beneficial in helping your full swing and can help enhance your understanding of the game.

Intermediate Golfers –

My suggestion for intermediate golfers is to ensure you have clear, defined goals and structure for each session. Breaking practice sessions up is a great way to enhance improvement and to get the maximum benefit from the time you are committing to your game.

Consider that more than 50% of golf is played from within 40m.

Try mixing up practice sessions. Instead of always heading to the driving range or putting green and practicing the same things try changing it up. Challenge yourself, play games and create practice plans that reflect what happens on the course.

Advanced Golfers –

Try dividing practice sessions into three parts:

  1. Technical practice – Drills, teaching aids, rehearsals, video, block ball striking and mirror work.

  2. Routine practice – Pre-shot routine, visualisation, focus/concentration awareness exercises and shot variety.

  3. Pressure Practice - Scoring games, target practice, shot shaping challenges, competitive practice and result orientated practice.

The main aim of practice sessions should be to develop a shot, skill or technique that is transferable to the course, which can withstand pressure and which can be repeated without too much conscious thought. If practice sessions are not geared to achieve this then what are we actually practicing for?


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