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A golfer's set-up position is the critical foundation for all things to follow. A poor set-up can significantly reduce your chances of playing good golf.

Elite golfers and tour professionals are aware of the importance of the set-up fundamentals, you will see them on the range continually monitoring their alignment, ball position, posture etc.

I'm pretty sure every golfer would like to hit better shots on a more consistent basis. In order to hit consistent shots you must set-up to the ball in a consistent way, shot to shot, day to day, week to week.........

If your form has been off for a while or you are a beginner just starting out, take some time to ingrain the set-up fundamentals. Developing an efficient set-up routine is the best way to achieve this.

Practising your Set-up Routine

Use a Practice Station when practising your set-up routine:

Position two clubs or alignment rods on the ground. One perpendicular to the target line and the other parallel to the target line.

Elements of a Set-up Routine

  • Start your set-up routine by standing behind your ball so that the ball, the target and your dominate eye are all in a line. This is called 'looking down the line of your shot'.

  • Select an intermediate target on your target line that is a metre or two in front of your ball.

  • Walk in to the ball and place your feet on either side of the 'ball position' alignment rod.

  • Aim you club-face at your intermediate target.

  • Look at your target.

  • Move your left foot to the left to set your ball position. (No step with the left foot is required for your driver)

  • Move your right foot to the right to set your stance width and toe alignment.

  • Make sure your toe line, hip line, shoulder line and eye line are all parallel to each other and running parallel left of your target line. (Perpendicular to the leading edge of your club-face)

  • Settle into a comfortable position.

  • Look at your target by swivelling your head without turning your shoulders.

  • Look back at your ball and start your swing smoothly.

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