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If someone that had never played golf before asked you to give them some advice on golf fundamentals, what would you tell them?

  • Neutral grip – Tick

  • Athletic posture – Tick

  • Square alignment – Tick

  • Ball position - Tick

  • Balance – Tick

  • Weight transfer – Tick


There is little doubt that this list includes some of golf’s recognised fundamentals, but are we putting the cart before the horse here?

Let us put our project manager hardhat on for a bit. Will the characteristics (length, weight, lie, shaft flex etc.) of a golf club affect how a person grips the club, stands to the ball, etc? The black and white picture below might give you a hint.

Club Fitting.png

The fundamental of all fundamentals can and should be mastered before you even step onto the course, custom-fitted clubs.


The humble golfer may think their golf game is not good enough to worry about customising each club in their bag. I often hear golfers saying “I’ll just get my game a little better… then I’ll look at getting fitted”. I think this may not be the best approach, in my experience, using a club without a properly matched shaft flex, weight, length, loft, and lie often slows down a golfer’s development.

  • If you’re just starting out, having clubs that fit your body, strength and swing means that you can make the most of the tuition you are receiving. Every set should include a driver and a putter but it’s not necessary to have a full set, at this stage of your development less is often more!

    • When coaching new clients, especially players that are fairly new to golf, I often have to address the subject of equipment, there is no point asking a player to make a technical improvement if their equipment won’t support the desired movement.

  • If you’re a regular player, custom clubs may just be your key to improvement. It is not uncommon for golfers to get stuck at a certain level. You may be fine with that, but if not, matching your clubs to your swing may help you take a leap forward.

    • In my opinion, there have been awesome advancements in the playability of clubs over the last ten years or so. The forgiveness provided by the latest drivers has changed the way the game is played.

  • If you're at an advanced level, you now have the capability to determine what shots you want. A tweak here and there can adjust your turf interaction, shot trajectory, shot distance, or shot dispersion. Gapping your set perfectly so you can take on any course or condition.

    • Golf club manufacturers acknowledge the importance of custom clubs, each year or two they release a plethora of new options. This is great for the consumer, expensive for the club fitter! 😊

Regardless of your level, getting club fitted at Bidgee Golf by our Master Club-Fitter, John Peters, is a worthy investment of your time?


Purchasing custom-fitted clubs may also be a great investment for you!

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