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Just as your golf shoes should snugly fit your feet, your putter should seamlessly align with your natural putting style. With over 40% of your shots being putts, the importance of wielding a correctly fitted putter cannot be overstated – it's a game-changer that can significantly impact your scores.

In the pursuit of mastering the greens, your choice of putter becomes a pivotal factor. Enter the IPING 2.0 putting fitting app, a revolutionary tool that can make all the difference in your putting game.

In this article, we'll explore the myriad benefits of a putter fitting, with a special spotlight on the IPING 2.0 app and its emphasis on understanding your unique putting arc.

Unraveling Your Stroke Arc

PING stands out by putting a spotlight on understanding your putting arc – a fundamental aspect that can redefine your putting prowess. The putting arc is the inherent path your putter takes during a stroke, neatly categorized into three main types: straight, slight arc, and strong arc.

Straight Stroke:

Ideal Putter: Those with a straight stroke find solace in a face-balanced putter, maintaining a square face throughout the stroke for optimal performance.

Slight Arc:

Ideal Putter: Golfers with a slight arc discover harmony with a mid-toe hang putter, perfectly tailored to accommodate their natural stroke.

Strong Arc:

Ideal Putter: Players boasting a strong arc find enhanced control with a toe hang putter, as the toe releases more dynamically during the stroke.

Tailored for Triumph

The IPING 2.0 putting fitting app goes beyond merely identifying your stroke arc. It takes into account crucial elements such as putter length, loft, and grip size to craft a putter that seamlessly integrates with your body. The end result? A personalized, high-performance putter that not only aligns with your stroke but also maximizes your potential on the greens.

Investing time in understanding your putting style and embracing the technological advancements offered by the IPING 2.0 putting fitting app can be the key to unlocking a new level of precision and success in your golf game. So, step onto the green with confidence, armed with a putter that feels like a natural extension of your game.


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